Uploading images from iphone and ipad
We are sorry but it is not possible to upload images from an iphone or ipad using the safari web browser and so we have implemented an email solution where you can simply email the photos in to us at First you need to go to your Camera Roll/Album, select your photo and then email the photo to You will receive an email back when we have uploaded your image and you can see the photo immediately if you are already logged on by viewing the gallery or in the select your photo page. We will create an account for you if you have not already created an account and clicking on the email link will log you on to your new account (we make up a password for you) and let you access your images to purchase your phone cover or photo gifts. You can take advantage of this facility by emailing in any photos but please make sure that they are JPG or PNG files and that you add them as att....
It is here - Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Case
We’'ve got some brilliant news from the Red Snapper. Our product and technical development team have been working very hard creating lots of new high-quality phone cases so that you can design your own.  We are proud to announce our personalised Samsung Galaxy S3 case. So, if you’'ve been dreaming of creating a personalised Samsung Galaxy S3 case for ages, don’t worry… we can do it for you now - please see  our Samsung S3 page If you have a question please email The Red Snapper team.
S2 Galaxy Phone Cases
We love our mobiles, so why not customise it to reflect your personality. There are always moments we are proud of such as the image of our new-born baby, a holiday trip or simply the image of our favourite cookie ! Red Snapper brings all this to life - personalised phone cases at a very affordable price. Recently a customer who walked up to our stand at Hamleys Regent Street showed us the drawing his kid has done on his super smart Galaxy note. So I asked him why not use it to customize his phone case and showcase the budding artist of your family to the world. Indeed what a lovely piece it was….
Custom iPhone Case
They say you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes – but you can tell a lot more by looking at their iPhone ! Is your iPhone a pair of boxfresh trainers or to-die-for Manolos? Make your iPhone truly your own with our personalised hard-shell protective case. Apple has done a lot to make the iPhone beautiful in both form and function but miphone takes it a stage further, allowing you to transform a mass-produced product into a unique, personalised piece of self-expression. It’s your opportunity to give your iPhone a personality and make it instantly recognisable. Our personalised iPhone case allows you to design your own protective case using your own photos, artwork or any other source you choose. The same sublimation technology used to apply photos on to mugs, is now used by Red Snapper to personalise their iPhone cover. The website enables you to upload or email in your pictures or a....
TIP 1 : Get up close Any shot will look better if you take a few steps closer to your subject. Fill the entire frame with your subject, it will make a real difference. Why does this work? With less clutter in the image, there’s less to draw the eye away from the main subject. If you can’t get close enough to your subject, you can zoom in later using photo editing software. Just crop closer to the subject’s face and see what difference it makes. TIP 2 : Think about angles If possible, take your photo using a creative angle instead of straight ahead. Consider a low position as you are looking up toward the subject or a high position as you look down on the image. If you have a nice background try to include more of it emphasising colours and textures.   TIP 3 : Off-centre Make sure you don't have every subject stand like a totem pole in the centre of your picture. You can liven up your ....
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iPad Presenter
Here in Hamleys our soft iPad and hard iPad cases are selling really well ! This popular leather presentation cover iPad case is very versatile.  It can be folded under the iPad making it easier to use the iPad keyboard.  It has has an auto sleep function when the cover is closed to put your iPad to sleep. The case is suitable for iPad 2 and iPad 3. Its easy to create your own custom iPad case from your digital photos by uploading your photo to our website.  
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