How do I upload an image ?
Uploading an image is straightforward. First, you need to know where your jpeg file is located on your computer, then click the browse button to navigate to it, highlight it and click upload. The time it takes to upload will depend on the image’s file size and your internet connection speed. Please check the progress bar in the lower left of your browser for an estimated upload time once you have clicked the upload button.

What format shall I upload / email my images in ?
We accept jpeg, gif or png formats for your image. If you image is not in one of these formats please open it in your image editing software and save it as a jpeg.

What format shall I post my prints in ?
Photos can be either Portrait or Landscape format. Prints can be in colour or black and white. Colour images can not be changed to black and white. Prints should be no larger than A4 size. Please ensure you write your name and address on the back of your print. We accept images on CD Rom, however it would be quicker to upload or email these images if possible.

When will I receive my photo gift ?
We will dispatch your photo gift within 14 days of receiving the image. If the photo was received by upload or email then you can expect your product within 14 from when the image was sent. However if you posted the image please allow 4 weeks until the product is delivered. If it is urgent please enter this information on the order form.

What measurements should my image be ?
The physical size of the image does not really matter, because we will resize your image to fit your chosen gift. However all bitmapped (jpeg gif png) files submitted should be at least 300K in the uncompressed state – i.e. when they are open in your image editing software.

Are you mugs dishwasher safe ?
Yes, all our mugs are dishwasher safe for domestic use.

Will the image on the tee shirt fade when the shirt is washed ?
We recommend 40C with the garment turned inside out and no bleach. After the first wash the image may lighten slightly as the print settles onto the material. Thereafter the image should remain defined.

Can I iron the image on my garment ?
Do not iron the image directly. If you wish to iron the image area use a pillow case to protect it first by covering the image area with pillow case and then ironing on top of the pillow case.

Is your website secure ?
Yes for online payment with a debit or credit card our website is secure. For more information visit WorldPay.com